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In the intricate world of finance and investments, the story of a company unfolds through a tapestry of numbers. Olectra Greentech, a significant player in the financial sector, provides a compelling narrative through its financial data. Let’s embark on a journey to decode the digits that define Olectra Greentech’s financial landscape.

1. Market Cap – ₹ 11,925 Cr. The impressive Market Cap of ₹ 11,925 Cr. signifies the overall value the market places on Olectra Greentech. This substantial figure reflects investor confidence in the company’s potential.

2. Current Price – ₹ 1,453 For investors, the current stock price of ₹ 1,453 is more than just a numerical value; it is a reflection of their investment decisions and a marker of market sentiment towards Olectra Greentech.

3. High / Low – ₹ 1,494 / 374 The journey from the highest to lowest points, ₹ 1,494 to 374, mirrors the volatility and resilience inherent in the financial market. It’s a rollercoaster ride that encapsulates the dynamics of the ever-changing market.

4. Stock P/E – 154 The Stock Price to Earnings ratio (P/E) of 154 offers insights into how the market values Olectra Greentech in relation to its earnings. A high P/E ratio can suggest strong growth expectations.

5. Book Value – ₹ 106 The Book Value of ₹ 106 serves as an indicator of the company’s intrinsic worth, revealing the tangible assets that form the foundation of Olectra Greentech’s financial stability.

6. ROCE (Return on Capital Employed) – 13.3% At 13.3%, Olectra Greentech’s ROCE showcases the company’s efficiency in utilizing capital to generate profits, providing a glimpse into smart financial management.

7. ROE (Return on Equity) – 8.11% A Return on Equity of 8.11% highlights Olectra Greentech’s ability to generate profits from shareholders’ equity, indicating a solid and sustainable financial performance.

8. Face Value – ₹ 4.00 Beyond market dynamics, the Face Value of ₹ 4.00 emphasizes the nominal value of each share, a constant reminder that every share holds a stake in Olectra Greentech’s journey.

9. Chg in Prom Hold 3Yr – -11.3% The change in Promoter Holding over the last 3 years, a subtle shift of -11.3%, reflects the nuanced evolution of the company’s leadership structure.

10. Dividend Yield – 0.03% For income-seeking investors, the Dividend Yield of 0.03% signifies a modest return on investment in the form of dividends.

11. Pledged Percentage – 0.00% The absence of pledged shares is a positive signal, indicating a lack of encumbrances on shares held by promoters.

12. FII Holding – 8.01% Foreign Institutional Investors (FII) holding at 8.01% adds an international perspective, showcasing global interest and confidence in Olectra Greentech.

13. DII Holding – 0.14% Domestic Institutional Investors (DII) holding at 0.14% reflects the local institutional support for Olectra Greentech.

14. Price to Book Value – 13.7 The Price to Book Value ratio of 13.7 unveils how the market values the company concerning its book value, providing insights for investors seeking value.

15. Industry PE – 24.8 Comparing Olectra Greentech’s Price to Earnings ratio with the Industry PE of 24.8 provides a benchmark for understanding the company’s valuation within the financial industry.

16. Price to Earning – 154 Reiterating the P/E ratio at 154, this figure emphasizes the market’s high expectations for Olectra Greentech’s future earnings growth.

17. Debt to Equity – 0.15 A Debt to Equity ratio of 0.15 highlights Olectra Greetech’s conservative approach to financing, showcasing a healthy balance between debt and equity.

18. Sales Growth 3Years – 75.9% The Sales Growth of 75.9% over the last 3 years indicates a robust upward trajectory, showcasing Olectra Greentech’s ability to expand its revenue base.

19. Sales Growth 5Years – 46.5% A Sales Growth of 46.5% over the last 5 years further solidifies Olectra Greentech’s position as a growth-oriented company.

20. Profit Variation 3Years – 200% The Profit Variation of 200% over the last 3 years echoes a remarkable financial performance, underscoring Olectra Greentech’s proficiency in generating profits.

21. Debt – ₹ 131 Cr. The debt of ₹ 131 Cr. is a manageable figure, reflecting the company’s prudent approach to debt management.

In the ever-evolving landscape of green technology, Olectra Greentech has emerged as a key player, not only in sustainable transportation but also in the realm of consistent and robust sales growth. Let’s take a closer look at the numbers that highlight Olectra Greentech’s remarkable sales growth over the years.

1. Compounded Sales Growth – 10 Years: 32% Over the past decade, Olectra Greentech has showcased an impressive Compounded Sales Growth (CSG) of 32%. This steadfast upward trajectory is a testament to the company’s ability to not only navigate the complexities of the green technology sector but to thrive and innovate.

2. Compounded Sales Growth – 5 Years: 47% Zooming in on the more recent years, the CSG for the last 5 years stands at an impressive 47%. This signifies not just growth but accelerated growth, reflecting the increasing demand for Olectra Greentech’s environmentally conscious solutions.

3. Compounded Sales Growth – 3 Years: 76% The sales growth over the last 3 years paints an even more compelling picture, with a CSG of 76%. This surge is indicative of Olectra Greentech’s agility in adapting to market dynamics and capitalizing on the growing emphasis on sustainability.

4. Trailing Twelve Months (TTM) Sales Growth: 23% Even in the most recent period, the Trailing Twelve Months (TTM) sales growth remains robust at 23%. This figure is a reflection of the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and staying at the forefront of the green revolution.

As we unpack these numbers, it’s essential to delve into what lies beneath the percentages:

Innovation and Technology Adoption: Olectra Greentech’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve in terms of technology and innovation has played a pivotal role in driving sales growth. As the demand for sustainable transportation solutions continues to rise, the company’s focus on cutting-edge technologies has positioned it as a leader in the green tech industry.

Market Penetration and Expansion: The consistent growth in sales over the past decade indicates successful market penetration and expansion strategies. Olectra Greentech’s ability to reach new customers and explore untapped markets has been a key driver in sustaining and accelerating sales growth.

Customer Confidence and Sustainability Trends: Consumers are increasingly prioritizing sustainability, and Olectra Greentech’s offerings align seamlessly with these evolving trends. The company’s commitment to providing environmentally friendly solutions has not only attracted a growing customer base but has also garnered trust and loyalty.

Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations: Partnerships and collaborations within the green technology ecosystem have likely contributed to Olectra Greentech’s sales growth. By joining forces with other industry leaders and stakeholders, the company has expanded its reach and influence, contributing to its overall success.

Global Focus on Renewable Energy: The global shift towards renewable energy and sustainability has created a conducive environment for companies like Olectra Greentech. Governments, businesses, and individuals are increasingly recognizing the importance of environmentally friendly solutions, and Olectra Greentech is well-positioned to capitalize on this momentum.

In conclusion, Olectra Greentech’s sales growth story is not just a series of numbers but a testament to the company’s vision, adaptability, and commitment to a greener future. As we continue to witness the transformative impact of sustainable technologies, Olectra Greentech’s sales growth numbers are more than just metrics—they are a reflection of the positive change the company is driving in the world of green innovation. The road ahead seems promising, and Olectra Greentech is steering towards a future where sustainability and success go hand in hand.

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